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Italian health authority and research organization for animal health and food safety
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One of the institutional duties of Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie is to train providers from the animal health and food safety sectors, in which it has acquired specific experience.

Nationally, IZSVe promotes and organizes courses, conferences, seminars and workshops for internal and external healthcare staff and other national and private health service workers. The categories of professionals to whom the programmes are addressed include veterinaries, doctors, biologists, chemists, prevention technicians, laboratory technicians, and food industry workers (butchers, catering workers, retailers, etc.). IZSVe is an accredited training provider under the Italian Continuing Education in Medicine (ECM) programme

It has also set up along-distance training programme (FAD), enabling participants to follow lessons and interact in the e-learning platform ( A team of trainers manages the conception, design and development of training pathways, based on a survey of user training needs.

Internationally, in cooperation with FAO, IZSVe has also organized educational and international cooperation projects to train local healthcare professionals in appropriate emergency management.

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OIE - GIS training course: the use of GIS in animal disease response. 12th-16th March 2018, Shenzhen (China)

OIE – GIS training course «The use of GIS in animal disease response». 12th-16th March 2018, Shenzhen (China)

The OIE - GIS training course "The use of GIS in animal disease response" will be held in Shenzhen (China) between the 12 and the 16 March…

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Avian influenza: institutions and authorities work together to find a global approach to fighting the disease

The International Conference “Avian influenza: a global threat” was held in Rome on October 4th, 2017. The meeting was organized by the Italian…

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Wednesday, 4th October 2017. Conference «Avian influenza: a global threat»

Rome, 4th October 2017. Conference «Avian influenza. A global threat»

Wednesday, 4th October 2017 the conference «Avian influenza: a global threat» will be held at the Italian Ministry of Health headquarter in Rome…

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