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Bonfanti Lebana

Dirigente IZSVe Role Veterinarian
Department SCS4 – Epidemiology
Phone +39 049 8084298

Professional profile

Lebana Bonfanti is the veterinary head of the Epidemiological surveillance, Veterinary Legislation and Animal Welfare unit – SCS4 Epidemiology at IZSVe. She holds postgraduate degrees in Meat hygiene and technology, Law and legislation applied to veterinary medicine, Food safety and inspection of food of animal origin. She gained professional experience in the field of animal health through the coordination and management of epidemiological surveillance work and by planning/ organising recovery interventions related to infectious diseases in livestock and zoonoses.

She is responsible for the coordination of scientific projects on avian influenza, animal welfare, rabies, WND, HEV, MRSA and epidemiological surveillance.

She is involved in the following ongoing activities: development of specific technical and scientific skills and regulations in the field of animal health and welfare; development, implementation and management of programmes for epidemiological surveillance and control of zoonoses, eradication/control of infectious diseases, veterinary interventions in case of epidemic emergencies; management of research projects and intervention programmes in the field of animal welfare; consultancy for the Italian Ministry of Health for the drafting of strategies and plans for A.I. and Newcastle Disease.

She takes parts to: regional Emergency Unit for avian influenza; national Emergency Unit for avian influenza, meetings at the Ministry of Health for former OIE A listed diseases; meetings on avian influenza at the European Commission on behalf of the Ministry of Health; meetings at the Ministry of Health on “Animal Health Law”.


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