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Lombardo Dorotea

Dorotea Lombardo | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role Director
Department SCT6 – Bolzano
Phone +39 0471 633062

Professional profile

Dorotea Lombardo is the Director of the peripheral dignostic laboratory of SCT6 – Bolzano, since 1998. She holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine (Parma University, 1979). In the academic year 1979/1980 she attended the refresher course in “Necroscopy Techniques in Domestic Animals and Diagnostic Tests,” at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Parma University. In 1980 she was veterinary assistant at the border veterinary office of Fortezza/Campo di Trens for administrative and health controls on imported goods and live animals. During the following year (1980/81) she attended the annual course in Zooprophylaxis at the Scientific Research School of Brescia. In 1982 she was extraordinary assistant on a fixed-term contract at the Bolzano Branch of IZSVe. In 1983 she was a veterinary scholarship holder at the Bolzano branch of IZSVe. On 01/03/1984 she awarded a permanent position at the Bolzano branch as a veterinary collaborator and as a veterinary assistant from 1993. She has been the head of TSE Laboratory until its closure, and head of official food control laboratory (ongoing).

Her professional experience pertains to microbiological analyses on foods of animal origin and to animal diagnostics, most notably prophylaxis plans, with implementation in the province of Bolzano of serological analyses related to prophylaxis plans for IBR, BVDV and CAEV.

Her research interests relate both to food safety and infectious disease diagnostics in livestock. She worked for and supervised the following research projects: IZSVe 06/03 Study on the presence of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy in the Alpine deer population; IZSVe 15/04 Genotyping of isolated strains of BVD virus in the community and evaluation of their impact on the diagnostic reliability of laboratory reactions designed to detect BVD antibodies/virus; Establishment of an interregional network to determine shared protocols to manage and control the welfare of animals kept in mountain refuges; IZSVe 20/07 Neosporosis in dairy cows of the province of Bolzano: prevalence, means of transmission and intervention; IZSVe 18/11 Genetic traceability as a tool to promote traditional and typical produce obtained from native Alpine cattle breeds; IZSVe 08/12 Prioritising transmissible diseases, their early detection and control in the ungulate populations of the north east Italian Alps. She has been also involved in international research studies: EMIDA ERA- Net Projekt : Tuberculosis in Alpine wildlife –  Monitoring, diagnostics and potential control strategies of tuberculosis in wild animals in the Alpine provinces of Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Dorotea Lomabrdo collaborates also with the provincial veterinary office and local healthcare unit in the field of animal health (provincial and national prevention plans) and food safety. She works with the provincial biology laboratory of Laives and the provincial chemistry laboratory in the field of food hygiene and safety. She collaborates with various livestock associations in the Alto Adige region, with associations of butchers in relation to the own-checking system, with the Municipality of Bolzano and Pisa University in relation to urban hygiene and with the External Institutes of the German-speaking area (Germany and Austria) in the area of animal health.


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