Piro Roberto

Dirigente IZSVe Role Director
Structure SCS8 – Food Industry Enhancement
Phone +39 049 8084472
E-mail rpiro@izsvenezie.it

Professional profile

Roberto Piro is the Director of the Department of Optimization and Control of Food Production (SCS8) of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie.

He graduated in Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical technology from the University of Padua (1985), specializing in Nuclear chemistry (1996) and Chemical methodologies for survey and analysis (2001). After research experiences at two pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo now GSK and Fidia), he has been working at the chemistry department at IZSVe since 1991. He then became head of the Chemistry department for food and feed control IZS LER (2003-2013). He is currently head of the Food Chemistry laboratory.

His main research activities concern food / feed composition and safety, investigation of veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, heavy metals, food additives, nutritional components, shelf life, mycotoxins, allergens. More recently, his research interests have shifted towards untargeted/holistic fingerprinting methodology.

He has participated in 8 projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Health or Agriculture. His research work has led to over 65 scientific papers, 60 minor publications (h-index: 11) and over 35 communications at national and international conferences.


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