Selli Lucia

Lucia Selli | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role Veterinarian
Department SCT3 – Padova and Rovigo. Diagnostics in Animal Health
Phone +39 049 8084354

Professional profile

Lucia Selli is currently employed as a veterinary manager at the IZSVe, SCT3 – Padova and Rovigo. Diagnostics in animal health. She graduated with honors in Veterinary medicine from the University of Pisa (November 1984). She has a Master in “Developing a future for wildlife: an integrated conservation approach(December 2013). – From 1986 to 1987 she worked as a practitioner at the Virology and bacteriology laboratories at IZSVe, developing skills in virological, serological and bacteriological diagnostic methods. In 1988 and 1989 she worked as a practitioner in a private veterinary clinic for pets. From 1990 to 1992 she had a temporary contract as a researcher at the Monoclonal antibody laboratory at IZSVe, focusing on Mab production vs viral and bacterial antigens, and cooperating with the Pediatric Clinic of Padua University in a research study on genetic therapy of cystic fibrosis, to develop and apply gene transfer techniques in laboratory animals. In 1993 she was hired as a veterinary manager at the Avian virology – Laboratory for Newcastle disease (1993-1997), at the Immunology Laboratory (1998-1999) and at the Fish virology – Laboratory for Fish Pathology (2000-2005). She then moved to the Customer relations and sample acceptance service as quality assurance manager (2006-2008) and in 2009 to the Diagnostic virology laboratory, where she is currently employed. Since 1998 she has been working part time.

Her current research interests include the virological and serological diagnosis of ruminant and swine infectious diseasesShe is involved in the national research project IZSVe 06/12 Study on SBV excretion in semen samples of seronegative bulls subjected to experimental infection, in collaboration with the IZS of Brescia and the Friedrich Loeffler Institute-Riems-Germany.

She is currently attending a Masters Course on Veterinary Bioethics and Animal Welfare organized by the University of Padua.


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