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Stefani Annalisa

Annalisa Stefani | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role Biologist
Department SCS3 – Diagnostic services, histopathology, parasitology
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Professional profile

Anna Lisa Stefani graduated in Biological Sciences from Padua University, where she also specialized in Clinical biochemistry and was awarded a Ph.D in Hepatology sciences. She carried out diagnostic and research activities at the Laboratory medicine and microbiology and virology services of Padua Hospital. Since 2005 she has been managing the activities of the Clinical pathology service of the IZSVe.

Her research interests include clinical biochemistry, haematology and immunology in relation to animal health and welfare. She is involved in projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Health. Her ongoing activities are related to the evaluation of metabolic, inflammatory and immunological alterations in dairy cows, the study of physiological indicators of animal welfare, bovine cell-mediated response to vaccines and haematology and cytofluorimetry.


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