Research projects in progress

In this page you can find titles and abstracts of the research projects in progress lead by the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie.

If you want to read about the projects lead in the last years go to to the page Research projects archive.


Research project RF-2018-12366604
PRoSPECT: Predicting Salmonella Pathogenic Potential to Enhance Targeted Control Strategies
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Research project SG-2018-12365617
3R4Rabies: An innovative way to replace in vivo experiments for rabies diagnostic interlaboratory trials with sustainable in vitro systems
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Research project IZSVe 01/18
Chemical risk in molluscs: a multidisciplinary approach to assess the presence of emerging contaminants and protect the consumer

Research project IZSVe 02/18
Polyphasic typing of Lactococcus garvieae and Yersinia ruckeri for the production of a bivalent stabulogenous vaccine to contain lactococcosis and red mouth in salmon trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Research project IZSVe 03/18
Development of a biosensor for rapid identification of broiler batches positive for Campylobacter spp.

Research project IZSVe 04/18
Identification and characterization of hepatitis E virus in food of animal and vegetable origin and evaluation of pig breeding as potential source of environmental contamination

Research project IZSVe 05/18
Study of the interaction between intestinal microbiota and Giardia duodenalis in dogs and the influence of antiparasitic treatment and the use of probiotics in the diet

Research project IZSVe 06/18
Development of a probabilistic model for the determination of the risk of biting / aggression events by dogs at home

Research project IZSVe 07/18
Study of the potential spread of influenza viruses through movements of residential wild ducks

Research project IZSVe 08/18
Comparison between vespertilio major (Myotis myotis) and the common serotin (Eptesicus serotinus) as potential reservoir of European bat lyssavirus 1 (EBLV-1)

Research project IZSVe 09/18
DNA vaccination against Novirhabdoviruses: an effective and innovative tool to improve health and well-being in Italian trout farming

Research project IZSVe 10/18
Ethnography and behavioral nudges as a means to define factors that help the consumer’s implementation of correct food handling practices at home and development of an effective risk communication strategy

Research project IZSVe 11/18
Development of a predictive microbiology model based on the integration of metatassonomy and metabolomics to study the dynamics of relations between the resident microbial community and contaminants in raw milk cheeses

Research project IZSVe 12/18
Microplastics in food. Development and validation of analytical methods for their determination and identification in food and application to real samples

Research project IZSVe 13/18
Detection and simultaneous typing of avian mycoplasmas using liquid-based arrays

Research project IZSVe 14/18
Positive emotions in the donkey: facies and posture as emotional state indicators

Research project IZSVe 15/18
Swine flu: antigenic determinants of viruses circulating in the Triveneto Region to appropriately control animal infections

Research project IZSVe 16/18
S. aureus and S. pseudintermedius in the human-animal interface: evaluation of the presence of genetic elements implicated in the pathogenicity

Research project IZSVe 17/18
Integrated diagnostic approach for the detection, biomolecular characterization and determination of the antibiotic resistance profile of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in pigs regularly slaughtered in the North-East of Italy


Research project IZSVe 01/17
Can we reduce the consumption of antimicrobials to produce food? Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and improvement of prevention systems as a mean to reduce antimicrobials use and contain AMR in industrial breeding

Research project IZSVe 02/17
Using the network of veterinary diagnostic laboratories to study the origin of high-priority hospital infection agents for WHO: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumannii and Klebsiella pneumoniae

Research project IZSVe 03/17
Evolutionary path of the USUTU virus in endemic areas of north-eastern Italy and assessment of the risk of transmission to humans through blood transfusion

Research project IZSVe 04/17
Study on the interaction among pathogens, bivalve molluscs and environment in the Venice lagoon: a contribution to investigate what caused the decline of clam production

Research project IZSVe 05/17
Evaluation and distribution of environmental risk determinants for canine Leptospirosis

Research project IZSVe 06/17
Risk factors linked to the alpine multispecies farming system in the fight against CAEV in the province of Bolzano

Research project IZSVe 07/17
Study of influenza viruses in wild birds and identification of virus reservoirs by developing molecular tests applied to environmental samples

Research project IZSVe 08/17
Evaluation of antimicrobial resistance in Pasteurella multocida and Streptococcus suis isolated during pig respiratory pathology: biofilm expression, MIC determination, MBEC and effect of sub-MIC concentration of enrofloxacin, tilmicosin and ceftiofur

Research project IZSVe 09/17
Development of new chemical methods based on omic techniques to differentiate between of frozen / thawed and fresh fish products and ensure consumer’s safety

Research project IZSVe 10/17
Development of innovative protocols based on multiresidual and multiclass methods for the screening of antibiotics in feeds and animal tissues along the supply chain

Research project IZSVe 11/17
New toxins in the dish: development and validation of analytical methods for the determination of plant toxins potentially present in food and application to real samples

Research project IZSVe 12/17
Development of an effective and modern platform for the identification, differentiation and characterization of Bacillus cereus isolates in vegetables and ready meals

Research project IZSVe 13/17
Standardization of biomolecular methods for the detection and identification of fungal pathogens to be applied to cytological preparations, to formalin-fixed and / or paraffin-embedded samples in veterinary mycology diagnosis

Research project IZSVe 14/17
Study of consumers’ risk perception associated to animal welfare in intensive breeding and development of an effective communication strategy

Research project IZSVe 15/17
Emotional interaction between the horse and the man in the Animal assisted interventions (AAIs): physiological and behavioural components

Research project IZSVe 16/17
Alternative systems for breeding meat rabbit: economic, health, welfare assessment and consumer perception.

Research project IZSVe 17/17
Animal poisoning: untargeted toxicological diagnostics and spatial epidemiology to promote measures for the prevention and repression of malicious acts.


Research project IZS VE 01/16
The online market of food products: new opportunities for consumers, new challenges for the control system
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Research project IZS VE 02/16
Insight into factors influencing the ecological success of zoonotic Salmonella enterica by coupling genomic data with in vitro phenotipic assays
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Research project IZS VE 03/16
Untargeted metabolomics for indirect screening of animals under illicit treatments: applications to corticosteroids and ß-agonists.
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Research project IZS VE 04/16
Screening of feline blood-borne pathogens in northeastern Italy and development of diagnostic tools to minimize the risk of infectious agents transmission by blood transfusion
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Research project IZS VE 05/16
Blood transcriptional profiling of transition dairy cows and its relationships with uterine pathology
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Research project IZS VE 06/16
Non-invasive methods for evaluating stress response to transportation in horses reared for meat production and in sport horses
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Research project IZS VE 07/16
Influenza D: toward a better understanding of the infection dynamics of an emerging animal virus in north-eastern Italy
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Research project IZS VE 08/16
Developing a metagenomic approach to reveal viral etiological agents in unexplained mortality events in freshwater finfish
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Research project IZS VE 09/16
The ‘home restaurant’ phenomenon in Italy: application of a multidisciplinary approach aimed at increasing hosts’ awareness of food risks
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Research project IZS VE 10/16
Interaction between nanoparticles and pollutants in the marine environment: methodological assessment to evaluate consumers’ exposure trough marine food web
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Research project IZS VE 11/16
Development of an antigen ELISA test to detect the Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus
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Research project IZS VE 12/16
Evaluation of different strategies to decrease the use of antimicrobials in dairy and beef cattle herds
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Research project IZS VE 13/16
Rehoming shelter dogs: selection and training protocols for AAI
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Research project IZS VE 14/16
Increasing the capability of control and prevention of riemerellosis in poultry through a multilevel characterization of the field strains isolated in Italy
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Research project IZS VE 15/16
Investigate whether domestic bovines contribute to the overall burden of Listeria monocytogenes with pathogenic attitude for humans
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Research project IZS VE 16/16
Implication of the cell-immune response towards Coxiella burnetii in periparturient cows leading to persistent shedding and evaluation of the risks of Q fever in the human population
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Research project IZS VE 17/16
Mammalian Orthoreoviruses: circulation in pigs and bats
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Research project IZS VE 18/16
A geo-database for surveillance and control of zoonotic diseases related to wild carnivore species in north-eastern Italy
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Research project IZS VE 19/16
A pilot survey to identify presence of Cryptosporium spp, Rotavirus group A, Coronavirus and E.coli K99/F5 in mountain small-medium sized dairy herds with and without neonatal diarrhea
history and to investigate herd and animal-level risk factors
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Research project IZS VE 01/15
Standardization of molecular methods for detection and identification of fungal pathogens in cytological and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue samples in diagnostic Veterinary Mycology
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Research project IZS VE 02/15
Development of a multi-strategy model aimed at creating and disseminating information on microbiological risks in food to pregnant women
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Research project IZS VE 03/15
Biodiversity and West Nile Virus: understanding the ecology of disease circulation
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Research project IZS VE 04/15
Safety in canine transfusion medicine: effects of leukoreduction on the “storage lesions” and on the potential infectivity of Rickettsia conorii in whole blood and in blood components
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Research project IZS VE 05/15
The consumer risk from hunted wild deer game
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Research project IZS VE 06/15
Nanoparticles bioaccumulation in edible mussels: methodological assessment for the evaluation of environmental and consumers’ exposure.
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Research project IZS VE 07/15
Development of a training strategy aimed to increase veterinarians’ and breeders’ awareness of the proper use of antibiotics in farming
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Research project IZS VE 08/15
Identification of serum biomarkers for paratuberculosis infection in dairy cattle by high-throughput spectrometric and spectroscopic approaches
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Research project IZS VE 09/15
Emerging Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy in sea bream (Sparus aurata) in the Mediterranean sea: pathogenesis, immunological response and diagnosis.
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Research project IZS VE 10/15
Animal assisted interventions with dogs in healthcare facilities: how to set up a safe admission protocol
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Research project IZS VE 11/15
Development of screening and confirmatory methods for multi-allergen detection in food by means of high resolution mass spectrometry
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Research project IZS VE 12/15
Porcine noroviruses: towards a better understanding of strains circulating in North-East Italy
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Research project IZS VE 13/15
Biofilm and avian mycoplasma species: a potential critical point in the containment of pathogens
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Research project IZS VE 14/15
Hepatitis E virus in large game in North-east Italy: epidemiology in game populations and risk assessment at the wildlife-livestock-human interface
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Research project IZS VE 15/15
Study on the role of Mycoplasma hyorhinis in the Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex in two different production systems in North Eastern part of Italy
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Research project IZS VE 16/15
Assessment of antimicrobial drug usage and health management practices in dairy and beef cattle herds in the Veneto Region
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Research project IZS VE 17/15
Study of the correlation between the occurrence of toxic algal blooms and toxins presence in shellfish farmed in marine and lagoon environment of Veneto Region (Northern Italy)
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