Bortolami Alessio

Palceholder Foto Dirigente IZSVe Role Veterinarian
Structure SCS6 – Experimental Virology
Phone +39 049 8084101

Professional profile

Alessio Bortolami is a veterinarian working at the Special Virology Laboratory (SCT6 – Virology Department) of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe).

He graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2012 at the University of Padua, where he also obtained a PhD in Veterinary Sciences in 2016. Between 2015 and 2018 he was resident in Veterinary Microbiology at the Department of Veterinary Pathology and Public Health of the University of Liverpool. In 2019 he was Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists and in 2020 he obtained a Specialization degree in Animal Health, Breeding and Zootechnical Production at the University of Padua.

Between 2012 and 2015 he worked as a researcher at the SCT3 – Diagnostics in animal health of the IZSVe. In 2018-2019 he worked at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise (IZSAM). Since 2019 he has been working at the SCS6 – Special Virology and Experimentation of the IZSVe.

His main research interests are the study of the pathogenesis of emerging pathogens through in vivo and in vitro tests, the development of in vitro methods for the characterization of the viral phenotype, the study of the zoonotic potential and transmissibility of emerging influenza viruses through tests in live in animal models, and the study of the vaccine efficacy of new generation vaccines for the prevention of viral diseases affecting domestic poultry.


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