Which is better between wild-caught and farmed fish? [Video]

2024-01-17T18:04:05+01:00March 13th 2024|Communication & Media, Fish, crustacean and mollusc pathology, Highlights|

It is widely held that wild-caught fish is better and more genuine than farmed fish. In truth, the difference is not so pronounced and both ...

PAIR project, new diagnostic and prognostic tools to respond to pandemics based on a One Health approach

2024-02-28T10:10:05+01:00February 20th 2024|Avian influenza & Newcastle disease, Highlights, Rabies, Research & Projects|

PAIR is a EU-funded project that aims to make radical improvements to point-of-care (POC) diagnostics and epidemiological modeling in the One Health approach through scientific research ...

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