In this section IZSVe provides useful information and documents for customers and suppliers.

Administrative forms

Company registry form

This form is strictly reserved to the companies who have been invited by the IZSVe to send the company data in order to complete the company registration. The company registry form must be duly filled in and sent back to the appropriate department.

Request for cumulative billing

It is possible to  apply for a cumulative billing, which allows the reception of the invoice and the payment for the service provided quarterly. The cumulative billing replaces the agreements with private parties, with the exception of the possibility of concluding agreements for specific reasons, independent from the discount. It can be requested by filling out the following cumulative billing model:

Traceability of financial flows

The form for the obligations of traceability of financial flows declaration (Article 3 of Law No. 136 of 2010) is available here:

  • statement pertaining to the mandatory traceability of financial flows | Download form
  • extract of Italian Law n. 136/2010 | Download form

Sending sample

Below you can find the download links to sample submission forms:

  • Rabies sample submission form | Download form
  • Informed consent acquisition form for animal spoils’ destination | Download form
  • Proxy to be attached to the informed consent form for the destination of pets’ spoils | Download form