Diagnostic services

Diagnostic services

Among the various services offered in the context of animal health, the IZSVe carries out different exams both on livestock and pets. The IZSVe also performs specific analysis for the control of food of animal origin and of animal nutrition.

Diagnostic capabilities

The IZSVe laboratories are highly specialised facilities which perform analyses using the most technologically advanced methods and equipment.

The IZSVe laboratories provide basic clinical diagnostic services (pathological, bacteriological, serological and toxicological assays) and perform specialised diagnostics using biomolecular, virological, parasitological and immunohistochemical techniques.

Quality standards

Quality standards are very important to qualify the human resources, to meet the needs and requirements of internal and external customers and to adopt organizational and managerial solutions in accordance with the needs of the organization.

Since 1994 the IZSVe has begun the process of quality system implementation as determined by reference regulations (legislative decree 120/1992 “Implementation of directive 88/320/EEC and n. 90/18/EEC concerning inspection and verification of good laboratory practice” and legislative decree 156/1997 “Implementation of directive 93/99/EEC on additional measures concerning the official control of foodstuffs”).

The IZSVe was accredited by Sinal (National accreditation system laboratories, now ACCREDIA) in 1997. The accreditation is based on laboratory technical proficiency in conducting specific tests and on evaluation of the quality system of the laboratory.

The quality management system of the Institute is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the production of culture media and solutions for laboratory use. The lists of accredited tests and locations where they are performed are available at ACCREDIA (www.accredia.it).

Documents & details

Here below you can find other documents about specific IZSVe diagnostic services and activities.

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