Rabies antibody titration

Rabies antibody titration

The Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe) provides the rabies virus antibody titration test. Information on the service, forms and instructions for sending the samples are available in this section.

Terms of service (overseas customers)

When submitting the sample to the IZSVe, the customer has to make sure that proof of payment and submission form are included in the shipment.

Attention required! Italian customers must follow the instructions published on the Italian version of the IZSVe website at the following page: https://www.izsvenezie.it/servizi/servizi-specifici/titolazione-anticorpi-rabbia/. For any doubts, please contact the Centralised Submission Unit of the IZSVe before sending samples and/or payments (phone: +39 049 8084359 – accettazione@izsvenezie.it)

1. Payment

Overseas customers must pay via bank transfer to the following:

Amount 54.90€ tax included
45,00€ if VAT number is provided
Bank details IBAN: IT51R0306912117100000046011
Bank name: Intesa San Paolo – Padova
Address: Corso Garibaldi 22/26, 35100 Padova (Italy)

Account holder:
Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie
Viale dell’Università, 10
35020 Legnaro (PD)
Purpose of the transfer “Rabies titration test” followed by the name of the pet’s owner

2. Shipment of the sample

For each animal, provide at least 0.5 ml of serum in a tightly sealed plastic tube identified with the microchip number; the sample should be shipped at refrigerated temperature (if possible).

Remember to enclose the fully completed submission form and proof of payment when shipping the sample (Download submission form).

Send the sample to the following address: Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie, Accettazione Centrale – Viale dell’Università, 10 – 35020 Legnaro (PD) Italy

3. Results

The laboratory report is sent via e-mail to the address indicated in the submission form if all documents are correctly submitted. The result will be available within 15 days from the date of delivery of the sample.

The report is issued in English; the result is considered satisfactory if it shows “greater or equal to 0.5 IU/ml”. The report also contains a QR code that enables the Competent Authorities to check the genuineness of the certificate through blockchain technology.


For further information on the service

SCS0 – Centralised Submission Unit
Hours: monday – firday, 8.30 – 13.15, 14.15 – 16.30
Tel. 049 8084359
E-mail: accettazione@izsvenezie.it

For information regarding the laboratory report

Division of Comparative Biomedical Sciences – Submission Unit
Tel. 049 8084389
E-mail: accettazionedsbio@izsvenezie.it