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How can you protect yourself from listeria in food? [Video]

2023-05-24T15:46:12+02:00June 6th 2023|Communication & Media, Food safety, Highlights|

Listeria monocytogenes is a relatively ubiquitous species of bacteria that can contaminate food at any level of the production to consumption chain. One distinctive characteristic ...

How are veterinary epidemic emergencies managed? [Video]

2023-01-30T14:49:17+01:00March 7th 2023|Avian influenza & Newcastle disease, Communication & Media, Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Rabies|

Infectious diseases are pathologies caused by microbial agents that can be transmitted from one host to another. An epidemic occurs when a disease spreads very ...

Avian Flu Data Portal, the EURL web application about epidemiological data on avian influenza in Europe, is now online

2023-01-26T14:27:30+01:00November 28th 2022|Avian influenza & Newcastle disease, Communication & Media, Monitoring & Prevention, Senza categoria|

Avian Flu Data Portal (eurlaidata.izsvenezie.it), an informative web application where all the main official data about epidemic of High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza (HPAI) in Europe ...

«Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths». 16th World Rabies Day, 28 September 2022

2022-10-04T09:28:41+02:00September 28th 2022|Communication & Media, Rabies|

Wednesday 28 September 2022 is the 16th World Rabies Day. This year's theme "Rabies: One Health, Zero Deaths" highlights the connection between the health of ...

What is veterinary epidemiological surveillance? [Video]

2022-10-04T09:28:55+02:00September 7th 2022|Avian influenza & Newcastle disease, Communication & Media, Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Emerging avian disease, Fish, crustacean and mollusc pathology, Rabies, Salmonellosis|

Veterinary epidemiology studies health status and diseases in animal populations in order to identify determinants underlying the spread both to other animals and, in some ...

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