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What is meant by DNA sequencing? [Video]

2022-05-30T08:59:46+02:00July 28th 2022|Avian influenza & Newcastle disease, Communication & Media, Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Emerging avian disease, Fish, crustacean and mollusc pathology, Rabies, Salmonellosis, Veterinary biobank|

DNA sequencing is performed in healthcare settings to identify pathogenic micro-organisms and study their molecular composition. It therefore contributes to the diagnosis of infectious diseases ...

How to avoid the risk of botulism in homemade preserves? [Video]

2022-05-27T10:17:51+02:00May 31st 2022|Communication & Media, Food risk communication|

Homemade preserves, such as tomato sauce, pickles and foods stored in oil, can pose a risk to health because they may be contaminated with the ...

Rabies. Prevention and control measures for companion animals/pets from Ukraine [Leaflet]

2022-06-20T09:47:37+02:00April 4th 2022|Communication & Media, Monitoring & Prevention, Rabies|

National Authorities from countries bordering Ukraine (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania) are in the process of checking all incoming dogs and cats. Pets which are ...

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