WOAH Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology, Training and Control of Emerging Avian Diseases

OIE collaborating centre for epidemiology, training and control of emerging avian diseases

The Collaborating Centre has been established by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) in 2007, and it carries out training and research activities on the epidemiology and control of emerging infectious diseases in wild and domestic bird populations.



  • Strengthening the international network of clearly identified expertise in other WOAH Collaborating Centres designated for the same speciality, in order to develop a standard for the zoning geographical component.
  • Providing a more balanced distribution of advanced expertise, allowing more Countries to access high quality knowledge of epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases and of GIS tools in animal disease response through the organisation and implementation of twinning projects and international workshops.
  • Cooperation with International Organizations to guarantee technical and scientific support to Institutions and Countries in the prevention, surveillance, control and eradication of emerging diseases of poultry.
  • Implementation of risk-based surveillance and early detection programs with regard to epidemic diseases of avian species.
  • Development of new diagnostic methods for avian Mycoplasmosis, application and standardization of biomolecular methods and of minimum inhibitory concentration in avian mycoplasma species.
  • Monitoring the trend of antimicrobial usage in the poultry sector, by means of epidemiological analysis of risk factors and territorial distribution of critical areas.
  • Providing scientific and technical ad hoc training to personnel from WOAH Member Countries in epidemiology applied to Avian influenza.
  • Experience in creating and managing distance/no-distance learning courses in the use of GIS in animal disease response.
  • Taking part in national/international research projects on epidemiology, prevention and control of epidemic diseases of poultry, and on risk factors for the introduction and spread of zoonosis, as well as infections affecting wild and domestic birds.
  • Investigating and modelling disease dynamics and environmental drivers of existing or emerging infectious diseases in wild and domestic bird populations (e.g. Avian influenza and West Nile disease).
  • Promoting scientific research on animal welfare, carrying out studies and analysis for defining future possible health and welfare tools of assessment.
  • Active collaboration with the other National/WOAH Reference Laboratories and WOAH Collaborating Centres, designated for the same specialty and other disciplines, to coordinate scientific research and technical studies.

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