Mulatti Paolo

Dirigente IZSVe Role Veterinarian
Structure SCS4 – Epidemiology, Services and Research in Veterinary Public Health
Phone +39 049 8084252

Professional profile

Paolo Mulatti is currently executive veterinarian at the SCS4 Epidemiology – Laboratory of Epidemiological Surveillance, Veterinary Legislation and Animal Welfare.

He graduated in Veterinary medicine at the University of Padua (2003), and obtained a PhD in Public health, farms and animal products hygiene in 2007 (University of Padua). In 2010, he concluded a post-graduate school in Animal health at University of Bologna, and in 2012 he graduated in the Master of Science Course in Quantitative skills in applied ecology, epidemiology and conservation biology (University of Glasgow).

Since 2004, he has been working at IZSVe, first in the context of the PhD then as Fellow, and, since 2015, as executive veterinarian. His work is mainly aimed at providing epidemiological support to regional and national surveillance programs, and at designing national and international research projects. His research activities are related to study infectious disease transmission dynamics, of both directly transmitted and vector-borne diseases. In particular, his main interest is to study ecological aspects of infectious diseases, concerning both the assessment of the effect of environmental/climatic drivers on disease introduction and re-activation, and the analysis of population dynamics in animal hosts and arthropod vectors.

He has been involved in research and collaboration projects both national and international, and he participated as lecturer in training courses organized in cooperation with international agencies as FAO and WOAH. He is author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications including peer-reviewed articles, and proceedings of national and international conferences.


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