International cooperation

International Cooperation

In the globalised world animal diseases easily cross borders and panzootics are more likely to occur. IZSVe makes available its expertise for international cooperation projects and activities in order to contribute to the prevention of transboundary animal diseases and for securing consumers’ health. Moreover IZSVe shares the commitment to pursue the Millennium Development Goals as we mainstream poverty reduction and gender equality as cross cutting issues in our international activities.



The International Cooperation Unit of the IZSVe plans and manages international cooperation projects which have research and development components through collaboration with the other IZSVe departments and Reference Laboratories / collaborating centres.

The Unit provides project management together with active implementing functions by means of:

  • collaborating with other international partners and agencies
  • collaborating with veterinary institutes of developing countries
  • managing and administering projects
  • scaling down to the field level in developing countries for implementing field/applied research in the veterinary dominium.

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