Cookie policy

In compliance with the legal obligations, the Users of the Website, hereinafter referred to as the ”Website”, managed by the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe), with registered office in Viale dell’Università 10 – 35020 LEGNARO (Padua – Italy), T.C. and VAT no. 00206200289, in the person of its General manager and pro-tempore legal representative (tel. 0498084242 , e-mail, Data Controller, are provided with the following information, which only apply to this Website and not to other websites visited through any link, in relation to which we recommend to read the policies provided by the relevant Controllers.

Type of cookies used in this website

This Website uses technical and profiling cookies, either its own or from third parties, or text files automatically exchanged with the User’s device in order to make automatic authentications, track browsing sessions and store specific information related to the Users visiting this Website, also in order to provide customized contents. The profiling cookies are sent from this Website and third-parties website, when the User visits website hosting them, like this Website, or following the use of third-parties’ services hosted by this Website through interface programs (API and similar programs).

The cookies used by this Website are divided in two classes:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies such as:

  • navigation or session cookies, ensuring the normal browsing and use of the website (allowing, for instance, the authentication to access to reserved areas);
  • analytic cookies, included into the category of technical cookies when they are directly used by the website operator to collect aggregate information on the number of users and on how they use the website, as well as in general to improve its usability;
  • functionality cookies, allowing the user to browse according to a set of specific criteria (including language, researches), in order to improve the service.

These cookies are generally used by this Website and for the relevant use, we invite the User to refer to this Policy. The Website uses these cookies individually and/or in aggregate form, to make analysis and statistics, as well as to improve the services offered to the Users. The connection data (IP address) shall be however anonymized.

Profiling cookies

These cookies are used to create User-related profiles and to send commercial communications according to the preferences expressed by the User during his/her navigation, or envisaging the publication and display of customized contents in relation to the specific User accessing this Website.

The profiling occurs through the installation of:

  • Controller’s profiling cookies;
  • profiling cookies of third parties during the navigation on this Website. Since the cookies are from third parties, the Controller of this Website does not manage them directly, but only serves as technical mediator: therefore, we kindly invite you to read the relevant Policies of these third parties, which for simplification purposes and by way of example are linked within this Policy.

For further details on Cookies, please read this article by the Italian Data Protection Authority

Consent to use

Also in relation to the guidelines issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority with provision dated 8 May 2014 (published on the Official Gazette n. 126 of 3 June 2014), the consent to the use of the cookies by the User shall be construed as given by the continuation of the Website navigation, after having read the banner shown upon access and having “skipped” it by an active action on another part of the screen / monitor / display of the web browsing device.

Verification and management of the cookies with add-ons or other tools

We inform the Users that it is possible to verify, in real time, which cookies are used in the Website, with free and simple browser add-ons, such as:

Edit Cookie, add-on of Google Chrome allowing to verify, analyze, manage, enable, disable the cookies used in the Website, available at the following link:

Other tools allow the analysis of single parts of the Website, to check which of them are using cookies and the specific cookies used. For example, we suggest this tool:

By using the Chrome browser, it is also possible to check the presence of cookies selecting the relevant item shown after right clicking on the relevant section of the website (“inspect item”).  Please, check if your browser has other add-ons or tools for the management of the cookies (cookie manager or similar software).

Manage the cookies from the browser

The User may at any time disable the use of cookies, from the Internet browser settings. Please note that, in case you disable the cookies, some features of the Website may be restricted or unavailable and, in general, it may affect your website experience.

For further details, please read the instructions for the management, disabling and erasure of cookies in the main Internet browsers (clicking on the name of the browser you will be directed to the provider’s page):

For mobile Internet browsers, please see specific provider’s instructions.

If you are using a browser other than those listed above, please search in the settings of such browser the cookies management method, including by searching the specific instruction page on any search engine, with the keyword “disable / manage cookies …(name of the search engine)”.

Cookies used in this Website

This Website uses the following cookies:

Typology Name of cookie Data saved – purpose
Technical cookies cookie_notice_accepted string “true” to store the user’s consent to the cookie policy of the website, and disabling the display of the banner for future visits to the website
Third party analytical cookies _pk_id.*, _pk_ses.* alphanumeric strings to collect information on the user of the website and its use during the navigation (e.g. the browser, time and date of the interactions with the website, the pages visited, the links or the pages which brought the user to the website). This information is then analyzed in anonymous and aggregate form by the administrators of the website, using Web Analytics Italia service (privacy policy).

Other third-party profiling cookies

This Website reserves the right to make use of commercial partners, such as suppliers and web providers, which may install their cookies in relation to the operation of the services they offer.

An example is given by the presence of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social plug-ins.  These are parts of the visited page, directly generated by such websites and integrated in the page of the hosting website. The most common intended use of social plug-ins is to share the contents on the social networks.

On the website Your Online Choices, in the section it is possible to get information on the use of cookies  and on their disabling, above all in relation to cookies from third parties.

We reserve the right to host the following third parties, which may use their own cookies:

If the User uses any other service from another third party connected to this Website (either media sharing or other services), he/she should search in the relevant provider’s settings the privacy management methods, if applicable searching the specific explicative page on any search engine with the keyword “privacy …(provider’s name)”.

Duration of the cookies

Some cookies (session cookies) are enabled only until the browser is closed or until the logout, whilst other cookies “survive” the closing of the browser and are available also in the future visits by the User.

Controller, rights of the Data Subject and other information

For the information required pursuant to sect. 13 and 14 of (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), such as the personal details of the Data Controller and of the Data Protection Officer, if any, the purposes of the processing and the mandatory or optional nature of the provision of the personal data, with the relevant effects in case of denial, the data retention period, the rights of the Data Subject and the methods for lodging a complaint, as well as for any other information relating to the privacy policy of the Controller, please refer to the Privacy Policy of this Website.