Activities & Services

Activities & Services

The Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe) provides technical support to activities in the fields of animal health and food safety both to public (Italian national and regional governments) and private organizations (companies). It provides diagnostic services and other technical services necessary for meeting the needs of the agricultural/food-processing production system and at the same time ensuring consumer protection.

The IZSVe laboratories are highly specialised facilities which perform veterinary analyses using the most technologically advanced methods and equipment. The results of these analyses are used in epidemiological studies and for monitoring the health status of the animal resources in the area of reference (North-East Italy). The IZSVe also provides technical-scientific support to both national and local programmes for the monitoring, treatment, and eradication of animal diseases, as well as to emergency, livestock and biosafety management programmes.

With regard to food products of animal origin, the activities of the IZSVe focus on the prevention of food-related risks and increasing the level of safety and quality of foodstuffs for human and animal consumption. To this end, microbiological and chemical analyses to detect the presence of pathogenic agents, contaminants and residues are performed, both for veterinary services and private entities. As in the case of animal health, these activities are conducted as part of the official local and national control programmes.

Other services provided by the IZSVe include specialistic veterinary and research services, health education and training, science and risk communication, international cooperation.

In the following pages you can find specific information on some fields of activities the IZSVe is involved in.