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Proficiency testing

The European union reference laboratory (EURL) for avian influenza and Newcastle Disease organizes an  interlaboratory proficiency testing (PT) to analyze the quality of results.

The EURL AI/ND will also provide the National reference laboratories (NRLs) for AI/ND from European Union Member States with the panels to take part in the exercise.

Participation is free of charge.


The PT process contains the following steps:

  • Application – you can apply by completing the online application form. If you have previously participated in a PTS, you will also receive a personalized invitation via email.
  • Samples – you will receive a set of coded blind samples and details about the panel(s), together with instructions on reconstitution, storage and how to report your results.
  • Analysis – the samples should be tested under normal routine test conditions.
  • Reporting your findings – you will receive an email with a personalized link to the online results form.
  • Statistical analysis – the result obtained by the participants will be subjected to statistical analyses.
  • Final report – after participating in a PT exercise you will receive a final report (through the AQUA platform) stating your coded results as compared to the other participants.
  • Confidentiality – you will be provided with a unique and confidential code. All results will be reported using this code, so you can easily verify your results and discreetly compare them to the expected results and those of the other participants.


Responsible for the proficiency testing
Calogero Terregino
Director of European Reference laboratory for avian influenza e Newcastle disease
Tel. +39 049 8084377

Technical reference point and coordinator of the EU NRLs proficiency testing activities
Morgane Gourlaouen |
Tel. +39 049 8084384

Technical supervisors
Valeria Brasola | | Tel. +39 49 8084373
Crispina Veggiato | | Tel. +39 49 8084375

Secretarial support
Paola Mozzi | | Tel. +39 049 8084369
Anna Costa | | Tel. +39 049 8084369

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