Citterio Carlo

Carlo Citterio | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role Veterinarian
Structure SCT2 – Treviso, Belluno and Venezia
Telefono +39 0437 944746

Professional profile

Carlo Citterio has a permanent position as a veterinary officer at the IZSVe – SCT2 Belluno, and is the chief of the Wildlife Specialistic Centre of IZSVe- He has a diploma in Technology and pathology of poultry, rabbit and game and is an ECZM Diplomate (Wildlife Population Health).

His main research interests are diagnostics, surveillance and management/control of infectious diseases in wildlife and at the wildlife-livestock-human interface, with special reference to zoonoses and diseases with a high economic impact; disease impact and management in wildlife; diagnostics and control of parasitic diseases in livestock; epidemiology and ecology of wildlife diseases.

He has been involved in national and international research projects on epidemiology, surveillance and management/control of wildlife diseases; pathogen ecology and host-pathogen interactions; risk analysis and game meat hygiene. He participated in the drafting and implementation as a coordinator of an operational unit to many scientific research projects, also serving as the scientific coordinator. He is author/co-author of more than 40 scientific papers in international research journals/book chapters; more than 50 papers in national scientific and technical journals and more than 100 scientific abstracts. He is a reviewer of research projects for scientific institutions and for different scientific peer reviewed journals. He consistently attends to courses/conferences concerning his professional and research activities, and in more than 100 of these he was a speaker.


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