Bano Luca

Luca Bano IZSVe Role Director
Structure SCT2 – Treviso, Belluno and Venezia
Phone +39 0422 302302

Professional profile

Luca Bano is director of the SCT2 – Treviso, Belluno and Venezia. He graduated in Veterinary Medicine (2000, University of Bologna) and then obtained a Postgraduate degree in Avian, rabbit and wildlife pathology (2005, University of Milan) and PhD in Veterinary Hygiene and Animal Pathology (2009). During 2006, he conducted research activity at the Department of Poultry science, Auburn University, Alabama and practical training at the State diagnostic laboratory of animal diseases, Auburn, Alabama, USA. From 2014 he obtained the degree of European Veterinary Specialist in Poultry Veterinary Science (EBVS specialist).

The research interests concern mainly diseases sustained by anaerobes and particularly: animal clostridiosis, intestinal spirochaetosis and botulism. Dr Bano participated to many studies focused on the antimicrobial resistance problem.
Currently Dr Bano is involved as partner in the European project ANIBOTNET and he participates as network partner to the project EUROBIOTOX.

Luca Bano is a veterinary pathologist with field and laboratory experience. He cooperates with both private and institutional stakeholders by directing diagnostic investigations and research projects. He has seventeen years’ experience in a state veterinary diagnostic laboratory with facilities for post-mortem examinations and laboratories for bacteriology, serology, parasitology and biotechnology. Dr Bano has daily practical experience in bacteriological techniques for the isolation and identification of the most significant animal pathogens, particularly anaerobes. He is member of the governmental delegation of experts for Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.


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