Barco Lisa

Lisa Barco | IZSVe Role Director
Structure SCS1 – Microbiology
National reference centre for salmonellosis
Phone +39 049 8084305

Professional profile

Lisa Barco is a veterinary officer. She is doctor in Veterinary medicine (2002, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Padova), she holds a postgraduate certificate in “Breeding, hygiene and pathology of aquatic species and inspection of derived products” (2008, Faculty of Veterinary medicine, University of Padua) and a PhD at the University of Copenaghen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (July 2015). Over the period 2008 – 2013 she had a permanent position as veterinary officer at the National and WOAH Reference Laboratory for Salmonella. Since 2013, she has worked as veterinary officer at the Food control laboratory and since April 2018 she has the position of director the SCS1 – Microbiology. Since june 2021 she is also Director of the Italian National reference centre for salmonellosis.

With regard to the research activities followed by the SCS1 she is directly involved in projects about identification, characterisation and quantification of foodborne pathogens. She is involved in research activities related to the epidemiology of Salmonella spp. and specific serovars. She has followed reaserch projects about the effectiveness of indicator bacteria as food hygiene criteria. Moreover, she is involved in research activities aimed to gather information concerning alternative ways of food supply (e-commerce of food).

She directs the SCS1 – Microbiology, which has 38 people employed and includes:

  • Food Controls laboratory
  • Food pathogens and antimicrobial resistance laboratory
  • Biofood laboratory
  • Microbial ecology laboratory
  • Nanofood laboratory

She is in charge of the coordination of the Food Control Laboratory and collaborates with competent authorities (ASL, Region, UVAC). She is involved in the evaluation, development and validation of analytical methods for the identification and characterisation of food pathogens and indicator bacteria. She provides support and cooperation to local, regional and national authorities.


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