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Cibin Veronica

Dirigente IZSVe Role Veterinarian
Department SCS1 – Risk analysis and public health surveillance
Phone +39 049 8084163

Professional profile

Dr. Cibin is a veterinarian with managerial responsibilities at SCS1- Risk analysis and public health surveillance, IZSVe. Her education was focused on toxicological aspects and environmental risk assessment related to pharmacological substances used in animals. Since starting at IZSVe in 2003, she has acquired knowledge on food safety epidemiology, foodborne zoonoses and risk assessment. Since 2009 she has participated in the EFSA Network on Zoonoses data Collection.

She is involved in research activities in the food safety sector and is specifically dedicated to the collection, management and analysis of microbiological and chemical hazard data. Moreover she is involved in designing sampling campaigns aimed at collecting data on zoonotic agents and on antibiotic resistance. In particular she has significant experience in the planning and application of salmonella monitoring and control plans at primary production level.

Dr. Cibin is involved in national and international projects in the food safety sector, specifically: exposure assessment in relation to chemical contaminants, zoonotic agents  and antimicrobial resistance determinants; impact on public health of the use nanotechnologies in the food sector; antimicrobial resistance: occurrence, persistence and the spreading dynamic along the food chain; role of consumers in food safety.

She collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Health regarding technical aspects of the national salmonella control plan at the primary production level and the national programme for feed.


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