Colorio Stefano

Stefano Colorio | IZSVe Role Veterinarian
Department SCT6 – Bolzano
Phone +39 0471 633062

Professional profile

Stefano Colorio graduated in veterinary medicine in Parma and specialized in Breeding, Hygiene, Pathology of Aquatic Species and Control of derived Products. Since December 2020 he is veterinary officer at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie – SCT6 of Bolzano (Italy) where he is in charge of the unit responsible for own-control food samples from processing establishments.

His main activity is to provide support to food processing workers in the framework of own-control sampling plans, focusing on the area of slaughterhouses, meat product establishments and ice-creams producers.

He also deals with the health of the local fish fauna in collaboration with the local Office for Hunt and Fishery both with diagnostic and consulting activities, and through research activities, aimed at investigating the presence of pathologies of health and economic interest


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