Dalla Pozza Manuela

Manuela Dalla Pozza | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role  Veterinarian
Structure SCS4 – Epidemiology, Services and Research in Veterinary Public Health
Phone +39 049 8084251
E-mail mdallapozza@izsvenezie.it

Professional profile

Manuela Dalla Pozza works for SCS4 – Epidemiology laboratory at IZSVe, being responsible for Epidemiology at the Aquaculture office. She is doctor in Veterinary medicine ad honorem (1990) and has attended a one-year full-time course in Diagnosis and prevention of animal diseases (1992). She obtained a post graduate diploma in Veterinary Public Health (1995).

Epidemiology and legislation in aquaculture (animal health and food safety) and emergency preparedness are their main research interests.

She participates in regional and national working groups on legislation and epidemiology in aquaculture (animal health and food safety) and collaborates with European research institutes in research studies on epidemiology and risk analysis in aquaculture.


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