Danesi Patrizia

Patrizia Danesi | IZSVe Role  Veterinarian
Structure SCS3 – Diagnostic Services, Histopathology, Parasitology
Phone +34 049 8084902
E-mail pdanesi@izsvenezie.it

Professional profile

Patrizia Danesi is a veterinarian at the Laboratory  of Parasitology (SCS3 – Diagnostics, Histopatology and Parassitology) at the IZSVe. From 2005 to 2016 she worked as a researcher for the same Unit.

She graduated in Veterinary Medicine (2020) at the University of Bologna and obtained a specialization in Medical Micology at the Pasteur Institut (2007, Paris). She obtained her specialization in Animal health, hygiene and pathology of aquatic species and hygiene of fish products (2009, University of Padua) and the PhD in Pathology and animal health (2014, University of Bari).

She is responsible for diagnostic and research activities in the field of veterinary parasitology and mycology, focused on the diagnosis of fungal and parasitological infections in livestock and pet animals and the morphological and molecular identification of moulds and yeasts from animals.

Patrizia Danesi’s mycology research include the development of rapid methods for the diagnosis of fungal diseases; the molecular characterization of fungal pathogens from animals and environmental. In addition, she studies the role of animals as sentinels for human exposure to environmental fungal pathogens. Among mycotic pathogens in pet animals, she is particularly interested in the study of Dermatophytes, Cryptococcus, Pneumocystis, and Prototheca.

As far as concerns parasitology, her research activity is mainly linked to the study of Echinoccoccus multilocularis in wild animals, and pathogens such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.


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