Ferrè Nicola

Nicola Ferre | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role Analyst
Structure SCS4 – Epidemiology, Services and Research in Veterinary Public Health
Phone +39 049 8084253
E-mail nferre@izsvenezie.it

Professional profile

Coordinator of the GIS Unit, he graduated in Statistics from Padua University in 1992 and 4 years later graduated at the same university in Economic and Political Science. In 2002 he was awarded a Master’s degree in GIS from IUAV University of Venice, and completed a postgraduate specialisation in GIS and Remote Sensing at the same university in 2013. Since 1993 he worked first as an IT expert, and then as a geostatistical analyst and GIS manager at the Epidemiology Department of the IZSVe.

His principal research interests relate to the GIS discipline and its various components in the veterinary public service. Specifically, his principal research activities concern the implementation of GIS Management techniques and transposition of the ISO TC/211 suite of standards into the veterinary sector. He has also worked in the field of Ontology and Data Mining towards the application of veterinary spatial data in veterinary surveillance activities. Recently he has focused on transposition of the INSPIRE directive (2007/2/EC).

He is the scientific coordinator of the “GIS toolbox for entomological surveillance activities” and “Definition of an operative framework for the implementation of a spatial infrastructure for veterinary surveillance data” research projects, financed by the Italian Ministry of Health. One on Multi Criteria Analysis techniques in the field of GIS combined with Analytical Hierarchical Analysis methods; the other on the implementation of an SDI at IZSVe. He is also coordinator of the WOAH project, “Capacity development for implementing a GIS applied to surveillance, control and zoning of avian influenza and other emerging avian diseases in China”.


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