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Gallina Albino

Dirigente IZSVe Role Chemist
Department SCS2 – Chemistry
Phone +39 049 8084344

Professional profile

Albino Gallina graduated in Chemistry – University of Padua and attended the postgraduate school in “Methods of chemical control and analysis” – University of Padua. Since 2006, he has been a Chemistry manager of the SCS2 – Chemistry, Laboratory of Food toxicology. Since 2002, he has actively collaborated with the National reference centre for beekeeping.

His research activities deals with: development and validation of analytical methods  to determine antimicrobial drug and pesticide residues in bee products; evaluation of physical – chemical methods for defining the quality of bee products; studies of environmental monitoring using bees and their products; studies on the presence of natural toxins (pyrrolizidine alkaloids, grayanotoxins…) in honey; development and validation of analytical methods to  determine food additives in products of animal origin; studies on the distribution and persistence of additives in food and studies on the production of histamine in the degradation processes of fish products.

He has ongoing collaborations with other IIZZSS for development and publication of chemical methods to determine chemical additives. He also collaborates with the Italian National Health Institute (ISS) to draw up guidelines for the analysis of products of animal origin. He in involved in the national monitoring project, “BEENET”.


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