Panzarin Valentina Maria

Valentina Panzarin | IZSVe Role Biologist
Structure SCS5 – Virology, Research and Innovation
European Union Reference Laboratory for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease
Phone +39 049 8084390

Professional profile

Valentina Maria Panzarin is biologist at the Laboratory of Innovative Virology  – Virology, Research and Innovation Department (SCS5, IZSVe).

In 2007, she graduated in Biotechnologies for Food Science at the University of Padua, where she also obtained her PhD in Veterinary Sciences in 2016.

For years, she has been involved in the genetic, evolutionary and phenotypic characterization of viruses of aquatic organisms, as well as in molecular epidemiology investigations in aquaculture. Since 2020, she has been coordinating activities aimed at the development and validation of fit-for-purposes solutions for the molecular diagnosis and typing of animal viruses, including zoonotic agents. Besides, she is committed to developing assays for virus phenotyping in in/ex vivo and in vitro models, evaluating vaccine-induced protection and efficacy of antiviral molecules, and determining the presence of viral pathogens in the environment.

She is partner in numerous national and international research projects. Within the framework of the activities carried out at the national and international reference centers for avian influenza and Newcastle disease, she provides diagnostic technical support to third party laboratories. She has participated as lecturer in workshops and courses promoted by the IZSVe and other educational bodies.

She has authored and co-authored research articles in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as national and international conference proceedings.


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