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Pozza Giandomenico

Giandomenico Pozza | Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie Role Veterinarian
Department SCS7 – Health awareness and communication
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Professional profile

Giandomenico Pozza graduated in Veterinary Medicine and holds a post-graduate diploma in Inspection of Food of Animal Origin. He is a veterinarian at the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie and is Head of the Sample Reception and Public Relations Laboratory, which includes the Sample reception service, the Observatory on customer needs and the “Support for laboratory logistics” task group which, inter alia, is in charge of managing the BSL3 laboratory (Bio-Safety Level 3). In addition, he is Quality Manager for SCS7 – Health awareness and communication.

He is scientific advisor for research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Health, i.e. RC IZSVe 09/12 Monitoring TAT as a tool to improve overall laboratory efficiency and RC IZSVe 18/13 Analysis of practices to monitor, prevent and control avian influenza in industrial poultry holdings in Veneto. A pilot study. Currently, his main research interests include knowledge representation and the application of formal ontology to laboratory organization.

His main fields of activity concern the management of samples (handling, labelling, tracking, temperature monitoring ) according to safety and security procedures and, finally, data management (electronic management systems for controlling and tracking samples). As concerns the Observatory on customer needs, he is interested in aspects related to customer satisfaction.

Alongside the Laboratory Logistics support Unit ,he is responsible for organizing and managing the BSL3 laboratory to be at the service of the Institute’s researchers, and for designing a centralized sample repository.


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