Pretto Tobia

Palceholder Foto Dirigente IZSVe Role Veterinarian
Department Specialistic Aquatic Animal Health Centre
Phone +39 0426 21841

Professional profile

Tobia Pretto is a veterinarian who is currently managing the Aquatic Animal Virology Unit at the IZSVe in the framework of the National reference laboratory for fish, crustacean and mollusc pathology. He graduated in 2009 in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Padua and attended the specialization in “Breeding, hygiene, pathology of aquatic species and control of derived products.”

His research interests are mainly focused on the histopathology of aquatic organisms (fish, criustacean and molluscs) and diagnosis of mycotic and parasitic diseases in freshwater crayfish (Aphanomyces astaci and microsporidiosis). He is involved in fish-pathology of ornamental and farmed species. He is also particularly interested in electron transmission microscopy and its use in the diagnosis of viral and parasitic diseases from clinical samples.

Tobia Pretto is involved in national research projects related to the study of the Red Mark Syndrome in the rainbow trout in cooperation with the University of Milan, the development of vaccines against Vibrio harveyi in sea bass and new diagnostic tools for crayfish plague surveillance. He is also involved in the standardization of a histologic method of identification between frozen and fresh muscle of finfish species.


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