Toffan Anna

Anna Toffan IZSVe Role and Structure Veterinarian at SCS6 – Virology
Head at WOAH Reference Laboratory for Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy
Phone +39 049 8084333-371

Professional profile

Anna Toffan is a veterinarian who is currently managing the Fish Virology Laboratory hosted at the Italian National Reference Centre for Fish, Molluscs and Crustacean Pathology. She graduated in Veterinary Medicine and attended the Doctoral school in Public Health and Comparative Pathology. She earned the specialization in “Breeding, hygiene, pathology of aquatic species and control of derived products.”

Her research interests are mainly focused on the diagnosis and control of viral diseases of salmonids (VHS, IHN, IPN) and marine species (VER/VNN). She is particularly focused on research into the pathogenesis of viral diseases and the development of safe and efficacious vaccines in the above-mentioned species. In 2016 she was appointed WOAH expert for the WOAH Reference Laboratory for Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy located at the IZSVe.

Anna Toffan is involved in numerous national and international research projects, some of which are related to the study of the pathogenesis and characterization of viral encephalo-retinopathy (RC IZSVe 07/10; RC IZSVe 05/11; RC IZSVE 02/14; RC IZSVE 09/15) and the development of vaccines to address this pathology (EU Project MedAID). Another area of interest is the study of viral diseases of salmonids, such as VHS, IHN and IPN (RC IZSVe 21/11; RC IZSVe 17/13; RC IZSVe 09/18; RC IZSVe 13/19) and of other fish species (RC IZSVE 07/14, RC IZSVE 08/16). Other projects involve the creation of monitoring networks, technological transfer and training and development of innovative product for aquaculture industry (EU project VetBioNet; EU project PathoGelTrap).

She cooperates with the European Reference Laboratory for fish disease (DTU-AQUA Copenhagen) and several other research centres across Italy and Europe.


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