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Pinna nobilis: mortality events in Italy and Spain linked to the co-presence of pathogens

2021-10-26T12:29:57+02:00August 20th 2021|Fish, crustacean and mollusc pathology, Research & Projects|

In recent years, mass mortality of the noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis), a marine bivalve mollusc, has been reported in the Mediterranean, with an outbreak ...

Isolation of a strain belonging to a new Salmonella serovar

2021-10-26T12:29:58+02:00July 19th 2021|Research & Projects, Salmonellosis|

The Italian National and OIE Reference Centre for Salmonellosis of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe) has identified a strain of Salmonella attributable to ...

New data on the duration of immune protection against SARS-CoV-2 in children

2021-10-26T12:29:58+02:00July 5th 2021|Research & Projects|

A study published in the "Pediatrics" journal shows that children with mild forms of COVID-19 develop a greater and longer lasting antibody response than that ...

ConVErgence, a EU funded project for assessing swine as potential hosts for emerging Coronaviruses

2021-10-26T12:29:58+02:00April 13th 2021|Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Research & Projects|

Swine farms and coronavirus risk Farms represents potential hotspots for the spillover and amplification of viruses that could either cause epidemics in animals or ...

VetBioNet: final call to access laboratories and samples of the network

2021-10-26T12:29:58+02:00March 5th 2021|Fish, crustacean and mollusc pathology, Research & Projects|

VetBioNet is an infrastructure project - funded by the European Commission in the context of Horizon 2020 - that aims to establish and maintain a comprehensive ...

Genetic characterization and spatial analysis of HPAI H5Nx viruses identified in Europe over the period 16 October – 24 November 2020

2021-10-26T12:29:58+02:00December 16th 2020|Avian influenza & Newcastle disease, Research & Projects|

This report describes the genetic characteristics of the complete genomes of 27 European HPAI H5N8, H5N5 and H5N1 viruses recently identified in Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, ...

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