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Rabies. Prevention and control measures for companion animals/pets from Ukraine [Leaflet]

2022-06-20T09:47:37+02:00April 4th 2022|Communication & Media, Monitoring & Prevention, Rabies|

National Authorities from countries bordering Ukraine (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania) are in the process of checking all incoming dogs and cats. Pets which are ...

Antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli: understanding transmission of resistance between animals and humans through genetic comparison

2022-02-16T14:33:56+01:00March 15th 2022|Research & Projects|

Escherichia coli clones infecting or colonizing humans and food-producing animals may circulate among different hosting species and exchange genes codifying for antibiotic-resistance mechanisms. Hence calling ...

VERDI, a project to improve the understanding of the impact of SARS-CoV-2 variants on pregnant women and children

2022-11-04T15:05:24+01:00March 1st 2022|Research & Projects|

The Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe) is among the partners of the VERDI project, a multidisciplinary global network that aims at improving the understanding ...

Geographical screening of Italian EVO oil. Development of a non-targeted model to determine whether the area of origin is Italian

2022-01-27T15:17:27+01:00February 22nd 2022|Research & Projects|

Researchers from the Experimental Chemistry Laboratory of the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie (IZSVe) have developed a simple, effective method of geographical screening to differentiate extra ...

Webinar / West Nile virus and Usutu virus infections in the European Union

2022-05-27T10:15:54+02:00February 11th 2022|Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Training & Events|

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) kindly invite you to join the webinar "West Nile ...

Mini-stomachs grown in the laboratory to study COVID-19 infections in children

2022-05-27T10:15:44+02:00February 1st 2022|Research & Projects|

The study entitled “SARS-CoV-2 infection and replication in human gastric organoids” and published in Nature Communications stems from the work of an international team which developed ...

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