EU One Health report: drop in reported zoonotic diseases in humans and foodborne outbreaks in 2020

2022-02-11T12:28:26+01:00December 10th 2021|Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Food risk communication, Monitoring & Prevention, Salmonellosis|

Campylobacteriosis was the most reported zoonosis in the EU in 2020, with 120,946 cases compared to more than 220,000 the previous year. It was followed ...

Avian mycoplasmosis, the importance of molecular differentiation of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in disease control

2022-02-11T12:28:26+01:00December 7th 2021|Emerging avian disease, Research & Projects|

The availability of adequate methods for molecular differentiation of Mycoplasma gallisepticum strains is pivotal to understanding the dynamics behind its spread in poultry farms and ...

Exploring symbiotic relationships between bacteria and mosquitoes to overcome insecticide resistance

2022-02-11T12:28:26+01:00November 28th 2021|Diseases at the animal/human Interface, Research & Projects|

A symbiotic bacterium harboured by mosquitoes could be involved in resistance to insecticides. The discovery was made by a research group coordinated by the University ...

Salmonella Infantis in broiler farms. Cleaning and disinfection procedures: an issue to explore

2022-02-11T12:28:26+01:00November 16th 2021|Research & Projects, Salmonellosis|

Salmonella Infantis is considered an emerging serovar in Europe and is widespread across the entire poultry foodchain. Currently it is one of the most frequently isolated ...

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