New diagnostic strategies for the control of avian mycoplasmosis

2023-06-05T09:50:48+02:00November 22nd 2015|Avian mycoplasmosis, Emerging avian disease, Research & Projects|

Mycoplasmas are bacteria without the cell wall which cause infections in poultry especially at respiratory and articular level. Mycoplasmas are bacteria without the ...

The Italian National Guidelines for Animal Assisted Interventions presented at the IIIrd SINTAA Symposium

2020-04-14T18:29:12+02:00November 17th 2015|Pet therapy (Animal Assisted Interventions), Research & Projects|

The Italian National reference center for animal-assisted intervention (NRC AAI) has been invited to give a plenary presentation during the III Simpósio Internacional de Atividade, Terapia ...

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